Born and raised in Northern California, Paul Vlahos has a serious passion for comedy and voice acting. After originally working in the electrical contracting industry, he wanted to find new avenues to express his creativity so he began doing standup comedy and creating YouTube videos. Getting much more than he had bargained for, Paul's video "Man Rapping To Chris Brown's 'Look At Me Now' All In Family Guy Voices" went super viral, getting millions of views in just a few weeks and has now been seen over 10 million times.

After only 2 years of pursuing his creative endeavors, he had been lucky enough to be featured on local news stations, preformed in Vegas in front of thousands, and has further developed himself as a legitimate voice actor. None of these great experiences, Paul will tell you, come even remotely close in value of being lucky enough to have fans on YouTube and social media that he can entertain.

Since recently relocating to Los Angeles, Paul has been enduring intense emotional classes to try his luck at on-camera acting, which is a journey that is still in progress for him. And while the amazing opportunities and beautiful weather of LA are quite inviting, the idea of Home for Paul will always be in Northern California, where he grew up.

You can check out Paul's latest videos on his YouTube channel youtube.com/paulvlahos, or send him an email here to get in touch.

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